For family law and DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) cases, STEPS provides a safe, monitored atmosphere for families to gather without the worries of confrontation or accusation.

Our staff is trained and certified with the Supervised Visitation Network Worldwide.

"Since having our visitations set up through STEPS Family Resource Center, we no longer have to worry about our child’s well-being and safety during visitations. After having to do exchanges at locations with little protection or mediation, STEPS has provided more than could have ever been asked for.

STEPS has a safe, clean, positive atmosphere and provides a plethora of toys, games, and many other options to happily occupy any child for their scheduled visitation time. With their security measures in place, we have been able to rest easy knowing that our child is not in harm’s way, and is well looked after.
We have been given a peace of mind that hasn’t and can’t be provided anywhere else. We are very grateful for the supervision offered. We are very pleased with the staff, the facility, and everything they have done to help our child and us get through this process.

With sincere appreciation,"

-The Woodham Family

Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchange

"The people at STEPS have been wonderful in helping to facilitate visitations with my children during a difficult and trying time. 

The faces are cheerful and the facility itself is bright, clean and accommodating.

My children have enjoyed the visits there and the staff has helped make that possible."