Susan & Mark Hooks

co-founded STEPS in 2010 after volunteering at the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). While volunteering at DCFS, she discovered families visiting in hallways, around social workers desks, and in closets. Not only were there no toys – there was no laughter. Susan went into action and designed four rooms to resemble a home-like atmosphere where families could visit privately. ​Today, STEPS Family Resource Center, a nonprofit devoted to strengthening families in crisis, has played a key role in the reunification of hundreds of families. 




Every month, hundreds of children in the Sebastian County foster care system find their “home living room” every week at STEPS Family Resource Center when they come for supervised visitation with their non-custodial parents. Seeing the faces of those children light up when they are reunited with their parents warms your heart, as you can only imagine the trauma they have endured.  Regardless of the
danger and unhealthy living conditions, abused and neglected children desire to be with their parents. The traumatic removal experience brings fear, anxiety and a sense of abandonment – especially in the light of the fact most of these children are shipped out to neighboring counties to find a bed, resulting in not only a loss of their family and their homes, but their schools, their neighbors, their friends and their churches. When children are able to visit their non-custodial parents in child-friendly, homelike visitation rooms, their sense of abandonment is reduced and their fears and anxieties are alleviated. Successful visitations are a vital component to reunification.



Provides opportunities for children to have safe, conflict-free access to both parents.

Individual, Couple's and Family - all ages.
Karmella Montgomery, LPC

Nurturing Skills for Families
Parents Forever (Co-parenting)
Anger Management
Healing Steps

Let us help you get through what is,

and get to what could be!
It’s time to DREAM again!
We will meet with you once a week for

up to a year, helping you map out a

strategy for your better life.

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  • Toys and games suitable for small children and their parents during supervised visitation.
  • Quilts, blankets and warm items for small children to take naps during supervised visitation.
  • Non-violent Wii video games suitable for children and families, such as bowling, fitness or Pac-man.
  • Books or DVD’s suitable for parents to read or watch with their children.
  • Craft items for families to glue or paint, such as colored paper, ribbons, and glitter.
  • Office Supplies

Items that are always welcome:

  • Diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, copy paper, cleaning supplies and paper goods .
  • Gift cards suitable for prizes at our annual fund raiser events and client needs.​​

Please check out our wish list on our Facebook page for additional needed items.

We would LOVE to give you a tour and show you our facility! Please consider helping us heal families.

We are currently in need of office equipment. We need reliable laptops for staff as well as office supplies such as paper, paperclips, file folders, and all things needed to make an office run. We truly appreciate any effort. Please help us serve families in the community!