​  1.  Why am I so Angry?
  2.  Events and Cues - Triggers
  3.  Anger Control Plan
  4.  The Aggression Cycle
  5.  Cognitive Restructuring
  6.  Effects of Anger on Children
  7.  Assertiveness Skills
  8​​​.  Conflict Resolution
  9.  Anger in Relationships
10. ​​ Effects of Domestic Violence
11.  Feelings Resolution
12.  Containment - Actions

Anger Management

Anger is an emotion just like all your other emotions.  It is there for a reason!  It is trying to tell you there is a person, problem, or situation you need to deal with now.  Anger is not the problem until it turns into AGGRESSION or HOSTILITY.  Aggression is a behavior that is intended to cause harm or injury to another person or damage to property.​​​​  Hostility refers to a set of attitudes and judgments that motivate aggressive behaviors. ​​


Nurturing Skills for Families

Anger Management

Parents Forever Co-parenting

Healing STEPS

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Healing STEPS

Healing Steps is an 8-week life skills program offering a series of classes to help individuals heal from past pain, abuse, and  trauma, or for those recovering from drug or alcohol dependency.
Designed to give individuals valuable lessons about self-care and understanding, our Healing STEPS program emphasize  responsibility for oneself, accountability for ones actions, and compassion for oneself and others.

Parents Forever Topics

¨  Impact of  Divorce & Separation on Children

¨ Communication

¨ Making Transitions Less Difficult

¨ Conflict Resolution

Class 1 - Getting the Love You Want
Class 2 - Boundaries in Relationships
​​Class 3 - Dealing with Emotions
​​Class 4 - Why Am I So Angry?
Class 5 - Making Healthy Choices
Class 6 - Learning Forgiveness
​Class 7 - Controlling Obsessive Thinking
Class 8 - ABC's to Self Esteem​​​​​​​​​​​​

Parents Forever Co- parenting

The parents Forever curriculum helps parents understand the
impact of family transition while providing effective skills to ease
into a new family dynamic.

Lesson 1: Nurturing as a Lifestyle
Lesson 2: Expectation and Development of Children
Lesson 3: Recognizing and Understanding Children's Feelings
Lesson 4: Understanding and Handling Stress
Lesson 5: Building Personal Power/Power Struggles
Lesson 6:  Children's Brain Development
Lesson 7:  Developing Family Rules
Lesson 8: Families and Alcohol
Lesson 9:  Developing Empathy
Lesson 10: Rewarding Children and Their Behavior
Lesson 11: Understanding and Expressing Anger
Lesson 12:  Parents and Children's Needs


Nurturing Skills for Families

The Nurturing Parenting Programs are evidence-based programs that have proven effectiveness in building positive nurturing beliefs. The Nurturing Parenting Philosophy and lessons are developed from years of extensive research based on the assessment of high-risk parenting beliefs. The Nurturing Skills for Families curriculum is an innovative model of the Nurturing Parenting Programs that is designed to provide flexibility to meet the needs of families with children ranging in age from birth to 11 years old.