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The Nurturing Parenting Programs are a family-centered, trauma-informed initiative designed to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abusive and neglecting parenting and child-rearing practices. The programs feature activities to foster positive parenting skills and self-nurturing, home practice exercises, family nurturing time, and activities to promote
positive brain development in children birth to 18 years. Lessons can be delivered in a home-based setting, group-based setting, or combination of home and group settings. The Nurturing Programs also has the option to utilize an evidence-based evaluation designed to assess the parenting attitudes of adult and adolescent parent and pre-parent populations. The functional purpose of this evaluation is to gather information for decision makers. Judges, attorneys, guardian ad litem, therapists, custody evaluations, and mental health professionals are typical decision makers that rely on information
to assist them in providing appropriate services

Why are we so angry? 

Class Topics:  

​  1.  Why am I so Angry?
  2.  Events and Cues - Triggers
  3.  Anger Control Plan
  4.  The Aggression Cycle
  5.  Cognitive Restructuring
  6.  Effects of Anger on Children
  7.  Assertiveness Skills
  8​​​.  Conflict Resolution
  9.  Anger in Relationships
10. ​​ Effects of Domestic Violence
11.  Feelings Resolution
12.  Containment - Actions

Anger is an emotion just like all your other emotions.  It is there for a reason!  It is trying to tell you there is a person, problem, or situation you need to deal with now.  Anger is not the problem until it turns into AGGRESSION or HOSTILITY.  Aggression is a behavior that is intended to cause harm or injury to another person or damage to property.​​​​   Hostility refers to a set of attitudes and judgments that motivate aggressive behaviors. ​​

Anger Mangement

STEPS Provides these nine lessons that are taught during an 8 hour class: 

Lesson 1 topic: Philosophy and Practices of Nurturing Parenting – Empathy, Nurturing as a Lifestyle
Lesson 2 topic: Ages and Stages: Infants and Toddlers- Developmental Stages
Lesson 3 topic: Brain Development in Children and Teens
Lesson 4 topic: Communicating With Respect

Lesson 5 topic: Building Self-Worth
Lesson 6 topic: Understanding Feelings
Lesson 7 topic: Family Morals, Values, and Rules
Lesson 8 topic: Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect on Children
Lesson 9 topic: Parenting Styles



Class 1 - Getting the Love You Want
Learn to recognize difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships; Learn healthy communication skills; ​​Gain an understanding of the different types of love

Class 2 - Boundaries in Relationships​​​
Learn how to develop healthy boundaries in relationships, work, school, and family​​

Class 3 - Dealing with Emotions
Examine your emotions; Are you numbing, suppressing, or avoiding certain emotions; Learn to recognize triggers and develop coping skills​​

Class 4 - Why Am I So Angry?
Learn what causes your angered responses; Learn the four "R"s, the importance of meditation and practice breathing exercises

Class 5 - Making Healthy Choices
​​Learn 10 important questions to ask yourself when dealing with a difficult choice

Class 6 - Learning Forgiveness
​​Learn the value of forgiveness, Learn the 7 step process to moving from past pains

Class 7 - Controlling Obsessive Thinking
Learn the difference between worry and obsessing; Learn the process of questioning your obsessive thoughts through "The Work" by Byron Katie​​

Class 8 - ABC's to Self Esteem​​​​​​​​​​​​
Through self-reflection you will learn the relationship between self-esteem and your ability to live to your full potential.​  For an appointment call 479-782-7837.


"Since having our visitations set up through STEPS Family Resource Center, we no longer have to worry about our child’s wellbeing and safety during visitations. After having to do exchanges at locations with little protection or mediation, STEPS has provided more than could have ever been asked for.

STEPS has a safe, clean, positive atmosphere and provides a plethora of toys, games, and many other options to happily occupy any child for their scheduled visitation time. With their security measures in place, we have been able to rest easy knowing that our child is not in harm’s way, and is well looked after.
We have been given a peace of mind, that hasn’t and can’t be provided anywhere else. We are very grateful for the supervision offered. We are very pleased with the staff, the facility, and everything they have done to help our child and us get through this process.

With sincere appreciation,"

-The Woodham Family



     -Nurturing Parenting
     -Parents Forever
     -Healing Steps
     -Anger Management

     -Partnering with Parents
     -Anonymous (CODA)
     -Parenting Teens
     -Behavior Improvement
     -Strategies for the child
      with ADHD

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Nurturing Parent Programs

Healing Steps is an 8-week life skills program offering a series of classes to help                     individuals heal from past pain, abuse, and  trauma, or for those recovering from drug or alcohol dependency.

 Designed to give individuals valuable lessons about self-care and understanding, our Healing STEPS program emphasize  responsibility for oneself, accountability for ones actions, and compassion for oneself and others.​​

Healing Steps


For more information on class schedules or to register, please call (479) 782-7837.​​