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We are partnered with the

Kerr Foundation. Through generous donations, we met our founding goals to receive a  grant from the Kerr Foundation. A big thank you to those who helped us to meet this goal. 

Our Mission
The mission of the STEPS Family Resource Center is to end violence and strengthen ​​families in our community by offering 
Safety, Training, 

Education, Prevention, and Solutions that promote healthy violence free environments.

How We Began​​​
​​Founded in 2010, STEPS Family Resource Center began as a resource and training center ​​for at-risk, low income families and individuals in the River Valley area. 
Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, STEPS wanted to provide families and individuals with the support needed to be healthy, safe, and to live productively in a caring community.
​​STEPS built partnerships with area agencies, businesses, and other non-profits to identify and address the needs in the community. The first gap was addressed by ​​providing services to meet a need of the community's youngest victims of abuse and ​​neglect.  
​​​​Children in foster care are given visits with their families weekly.  Over 600 foster children were visiting their parents weekly with only 2 visitation rooms available at the
​​Department of Human Services (DHS). At no fault of DHS and their limited space, visitations were taking place in hallways and crowded offices with no toys, books, or ​​​games available in those areas. STEPS' first initiative was to provide space for visitations to take place in safe, child friendly, and nurturing environments. Providing children and their families an opportunity to develop positive and healthy relationships and begin the healing process from trauma became STEPS' first priority.
From February 2010 until present, STEPS has been providing visitations services  ​​to foster children and their families as well as court ordered supervised visitation for victims of domestic violence to include divorce/separated parents.​​
​​In March 2014, STEPS moved into a 5,000 sq. ft. building on Garrison Avenue in Fort Smith to accommodate the growing need for more supervised visitation rooms. Currently over 250 foster ​​children use the STEPS ​​visitation center every month. ​As STEPS continued to identify needs in the community, more programs were created and ​​implemented.